Test Results

Results of Tests and Investigations

We will contact you by text, telephone or by letter, only if a result is abnormal and you require treatment or further investigations. You will not be contacted if your result is normal. Please note, we request that you do not assume that a result is normal if we do not contact you. The surgery will contact you if there is a significant problem with your results, but please contact us for all results as the GP may have made some suggestions or advice based on your results even if there is not a significant problem.

If you wish to enquire about your test results, you can use the form below, check your online access or telephone us on 01539 718 080 option 1. The administrative staff will give results to you or you may be asked to speak to the nurse or doctor in which case an appointment will be offered.

Adults' results will not be given to anyone other than the patient, except in exceptional circumstances or where written consent has been documented. Children's results will only be given to those with parental responsibility where the child is under 16. If they are over 16, they are classed as adults, and we cannot disclose these to anyone other than the patient.


Tests requested by a hospital consultant or service

Unfortunately, we cannot view test results that have been requested by a hospital consultant or service. All test results, including bloods and scans, go back to the requesting clinician so please contact your consultant's secretary to find out your results.


If you have been asked to book a blood test by a consultant at Westmorland General Hospital, Royal Lancaster Infirmary or Furness General Hospital, please contact the phlebotomy service on 01539 715700 Monday-Friday between their opening hours of 10:00 – 14:00 to book your blood test. This is because the hospitals have worked in collaboration with our local commissioners to provide a new service that is now available to patients who have blood tests initiated by the hospital.