AskMyGP will be CLOSED at the weekend, from Friday 31st January 2020, click to find out more. 

If you require urgent advice and medical assessment when we are closed, you can access the NHS 111 service by calling 111 or go online

Why have we changed?

AskmyGP makes it faster and easier for patients to get help. We normally guarantee a same day response to all patient contacts submitted by 5pm (Monday to Friday), however this is dependent on the availability of our Clinical Team. If the doctor would like to see you in surgery they will be able to offer an appointment at a time of your convenience. Our new service supports patients to access clinical advice, quickly.

How does it work?

  • Get help online for any medical problem from one of our GPs or Nurse Practitioners, you are able to request a clinician of your choice
  • The GP or Nurse Practitioner will then respond to your request within the hour, or at a time of your choosing
  • If the doctor feels you need to be seen, they will then invite you into the practice either the same day or a convenient time for yourself.

How do I register?

  • You do not need to come into the surgery to set up the account, simply click here
  • You will then need to enter some personal information – name, DOB, address and contact details.
  • The GP or Nurse Practitioner will then be able to verify your account when speaking with you.


Are you having problems with your account?

We have put together some information on the main issues we have been informed off, if you have any further problems with your account please contact the practice.

You’ve been set up by the practice either over the phone or in the surgery, you are now having trouble login on to view your message.

  • Click on the AskmyGP web link from the James Cochrane Practice homepage,
  • Click on ‘Log in’ button in the top right corner
  • Click on the ‘forgotten your password?’ link below the username and password box
  • Enter your email address and click ‘Send Password Reset Link’
  • You will receive an email from AskmyGP, follow the link within the email
  • You will then be asked to enter your email and to create a password
  • After completing this it will ask you to log in again, you will then be able to view your new, current and past requests

When registering you get a message to say your DOB does not match what we have on the system

  • Be sure to enter your DOB completely for example
    • 1st January 67 – must be entered 01.01.1967
  • If it gives you the option of a scroll bar, you can override this and just type in your DOB.

I keep getting emails saying I have a message from the surgery

  • This means we have replied to your recent request, to view the message and to stop receiving the emails, log on to your account.
  • There is a blue circle saying you have a message, click this button to view.

Do I have to set up a separate account for my children/ patient(s) I care for?

No, you can set your children/ or patient(s) you care for within your own account. Follow the steps below to find out how;

  • Click on the AskmyGP link and type in a brief reason for your request, and click to ‘Consult your own GP’
  • Either login to your account, or create an account under your details as parent or carer
  • Once logged in, you will be asked whether you are
    • Patient
    • Parent
    • Carer
  • This is where you make your selection, once clicked on either parent or carer, you will then be asked to fill out the details of your child or the person cared for
  • Once these details have been entered, they will be saved onto your account for future requests
  • You can then go ahead and create a new request

The Doctor I want to see is not listed when I am given the choice of who I want to see?

You are only able to select the clinician desired if they are in clinic within 14 hours.

For example, if you send the request through on a Saturday for a clinician working Monday, you will not be able to select them as it is 48 hours until their clinic begins, they would show as available from Sunday evening.