Often, GP appointments are for common conditions such as back ache, headaches, or a cough. These are referred to as self limiting conditions which with effective self management will improve quicker and may mean that you dont need to come to the surgery for an appointment.

Most people just want to know how they can relieve their symptoms, and are looking for a treatment that acts fast. Self care can often help you manage these problems. It may mean you don’t have to spend time waiting to see your GP but can get on and start tackling your symptoms.

Self care for common conditions can also help free up some of your GP’s time, making it easier to get an appointment when you have a more serious condition.



Asthma UK have also got some great videos that show you how to use your inhaler!

Back Pain

Child Health App

Constipation – Children

Ear Ache


Gastroenteritis – Children

Head Lice – Children

NHS Health Checks


Sore Throat

Tension Headaches


For more self cafe advice please visit NHS Choices or the Patient website.