The Cost of Medication’s Returned

Patients often return medication to the practice, this can be for a number of reasons such as their medication has gone out of date, the medication they take has been changed and they still have some left over of the old medicine, they are having a ‘clear out’ or occasionally families return left over medication when a loved one has passed away.

Our dispensary have monitored the medication returned to the practice in the month of April, the total cost of this medication was  £4861.36!

This cost is the equivalent to:

  • 949 bottles of Gaviscon
  • 158 boxes of Novorapid
  • 108 GP appointments
  • 374 nursing appointments

We ask that you only order the medication that you require. By keeping a tidy and organised medication cupboard this makes it easier for you to keep track of what you have and what you are running low on.

Of course we understand that it is sometimes necessary to return unused medication and we ask that you continue to bring it back to the practice so we can dispose of it safely for you.

check your stocks before you tick that box


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