There’s an updated way for you to contact us online – during opening hours, about any non-urgent medical, administrative or prescription issues.

Our phone lines remain open for urgent queries, if you need to speak to us on the day, or if you’d just rather talk to us.

If you require urgent advice and medical assessment when we are closed, you can access the NHS 111 service by calling 111 or go to

How does it work?

  • Submit your query online, it will be received by the practice within 2 working days
  • Enter your name, date of birth, gender and post code, or your NHS number, to verify your identity – no need to remember log in details
  • Available during working hours
  • We will contact you with advice or an appointment, via text message or your preferred method of contact

What kind of queries can I submit online?

  • Non-urgent queries (if you don’t feel you need to speak to someone today)
  • Questions about fit (sick) notes
  • Referral queries
  • Repeat prescription ordering/queries
  • New or ongoing symptoms that are not urgent


Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the practice moved away from AskMyGP?

Patients either loved or loathed AskMyGP, so we wanted to keep the option for patients to be able to contact us online, but improve it

  • The new platform is safer:
    • It integrates with our clinical system, where AskMyGP didn’t, so your online contact will link with your clinical record perfectly
    • It uses a data authentication step
    • It’s clearer now that online contact is for non-urgent queries only
  • Its easier to use:
    • You don’t need to remember a log in to contact us online now, you just need your name, DOB, post code and gender, or your NHS number
    • It’s a much more “user friendly” system, we really like the interface and think its much easier to use
  • Its better value, we already use that system for sending out text messages so we’re comfortable and confident with them
The system says the Practice will read my query within 2 working days, but I feel I need to speak to someone today

We encourage our patients to contact us online with anything that is not urgent. If you feel you need to speak to us today, please call us on 01539 718080, or come in and see us.

Where will my data be stored when I'm sending it online?

Data sent online (including photos) is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in their London Data Centre. All data sent is encrypted when in transit (when it is sent) and at rest (when it is stored). The system follows the Microsoft Azure NHS Blueprint for Platform-as-a-Service web applications, specifically designed for NHS services.

How do I submit a query about my child/other patient(s) I care for?

As you go through the online form, there is an option for you to submit a request on behalf of someone else.

Will I be able to use any search engine?

Yes, this system works across all search engines.

I need some help completing the form

Please click on the link below which gives a helpful overview of how to complete the online request form:

Patient Guide for Contacting us Online