AskMyGP – Closed at the Weekend

AskMyGP is now CLOSED at the weekend, from 6.30pm on a Friday until 7.00am on a Monday. This also includes Public Holidays.

Over the festive period, we made a decision to close the AskMyGP system when we were closed. This was well received by patients, and reduced the pressure on our system on the days following periods of closure. This meant that we could prioritise urgent care, and avoid long delays in getting back to you.

With this in mind, and taking into account your feedback and that of our team; we made the decision to close the system every weekend, from Friday 31st January 2020.

The reasons for the change:

  • You said – that you find there can be a delay, between sending your request in, and getting a response. Sometimes you seek help elsewhere in the meantime, especially at weekends!
  • Our staff said – that they are concerned about requests coming in over the weekend. Sometimes your problem has been resolved at the weekend, before we see it on a Monday morning. These requests still need to be processed by us, which can cause delays in managing other urgent requests.
  • We hope that we can provide a more efficient response rate, as the number of requests that have already been resolved by Monday morning will be reduced. This will mean that you are getting the help you need, from the right place, when we are closed.

Access our Services

Who do you contact when we are closed?

If you require urgent advice and medical assessment when we are closed, you can access the NHS 111 service by calling 111 as usual.

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